My drawings and landscape paintings use line and color as a way of capturing and preserving in great detail every shape and contour presented in the landscape, as mediated by the photo I took of it. This mediation sets me a step away from the landscape, describing a place that exists in memory only. The landscape painting becomes a memoriam of past experience and future loss as the natural places of the world disappear as we change our environment.


Underwater is my series of acrylic paintings and drawings. For each painting I created a system using only three colors and their tints, layered in a predetermined order. I chose colors that reminded me of ocean water at different depths. I determined the shapes by beginning the painting with a linear structure that was flowing, hemmed in by the edges of the painting, like water in an aquarium. I used cell shapes to show the buffeting, flowing, changing and "soft edged" qualities of water, the cells reminding me of the connection of water and life.

Underwater 1
Composite Map 1


I manipulate maps using acrylic paint on map collages to explore geopolitical, socio-economic and environmental relationships between and within countries. I reinterpret maps to create the unexpected connections that emphasize these relationships.


Cities is an ongoing series of painted maps of American cities. Loosely based on the idea of a 75-mile radius map, these paintings reveal patterns of density and development as the diameter of the circles widen.

Des Moines


Flood Atlas Page 23

Big Bang 1995-2005

My Big Bang Series is an attempt to visually recreate a view of dynamic systems and the events they activate. These oil and canvas paintings incorporate a visual pattern based on a dividing cell and a reliance on a linear structure that continues in my paintings with maps.