Wall Installations

Lake Geodes consists of 72 lakes from around the world that I cut from maps. I painted graduated blue rings around each lake, representing ripples of water, flooding out from its source. The effect is reminiscent of the ringed half of a geode. I set each piece forward from the wall to further emphasize its physicality.

Lake Geodes
Randomland, Flatiron Prow Art Space


Randomland is constructed from fragments of randomly collected cartographic sources. The unexpected juxtapositions revealed by maps of cities, parks, forests, wetlands and waterways reflect the current global collage of instant cyber- and cellular communication where physical location becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Governed by aesthetics of line, shape and color representing roads, rivers, contours and boundaries I reveal patterns in these manipulated formations by applying acrylic paint using a self-imposed color system informed by the maps’ legends.

Fracked World

The Fracked World installation uses discarded, used and found maps from around the world, collaged and stacked to depict how the earth might look when it has been scoured and hollowed out by the dynamic system that constitutes humanity’s endless quest for resources.

Fracked World