Cut Paper + Collage

Cumulative Cloud 7

Cumulative Clouds

I constructed Cumulative Clouds out of the remnants left from the Fracked World installation and as such they are a metaphor for the cycling of energy. I meticulously categorized each of the different types of scraps. The shape each Cloud took was self- defining and developed in the process of attaching the pieces together.

Flood Atlas

Flood Atlas is a visual rendition of the flooding of the Hudson River in New York. I used 45 pages of a Road Atlas of the Hudson River Valley, leaving the rivers untouched and blowing ink and paint from those rivers to imagine increased flooding due to climate change. I cut out the land map around the paint and river to mark the devastating effect of flooding on the surrounding land.

Flood Atlas Page 23
Cumulative Cloud 7


Pangeas are random map remnants collaged together and united to form new worlds. These modular works are exhibited separately or joined to form different installations of "Randomland".