Cut Paper + Collage

Waterfall 1


I cut, painted, and layered maps to form Waterfalls. I added ink and acrylic paint and liquid watercolor to each map and using a straw, blew it from the areas on the map that indicate water. The blown water media eventually covered the map, actually "flooding" it. I then layered the maps, covering any unpainted parts, eventually overwhelming the work with the traces of flowing liquid, like a waterfall will overpower and change the land under it.

Road Trees

Road Trees are inspired by the similar branching patterns of tree branches and networks of roads and highways. The clash of and separation between the manmade and the natural are joined in Road Trees to form a new hybrid.

Road Tree 1
Cumulative Cloud 7

Cumulative Clouds

I constructed Cumulative Clouds out of the remnants left from the Fracked World installation and as such they are a metaphor for the cycling of energy. I meticulously categorized each of the different types of scraps. The shape each Cloud took was self- defining and developed in the process of attaching the pieces together.


Pangeas are random map remnants collaged together and united to form new worlds. These modular works are exhibited separately or joined to form different installations of Randomland.

Cumulative Cloud 7